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The Avalon N4 system provides the automation and imaging capabilities of larger devices, in a compact format. It has a range of speeds and easy-loading features to fit any volume requirements.

With the faster task implementation workflow efficiency is increased and the automatic plate loading capability on this machines saves time and labor costs.  Consistent, high-quality plates result in higher-quality print, and less plate remakes thus eliminating unnecessary waste.

POLAR high-speed cutter is efficient and durable. This high-speed cutter is great for all standard cutting jobs. With an 18.5" color display and touch-screen operation, and autmoatic graphic programming this machine is built for a highly-automated process.

The POLAR high-speed cutter can be employed both as an individual machine or as the center of an automatic cutting system for processing paper, paperboard, cardboard or plastics. The POLAR systems concept provides a tailored solution for any production requirement. 



The PERFECTA 45" cutter is a fast, safe, and productive paper cutter. This cutter includes a wide range of features such as a 19"  touch screen computer, oversize tables, stainless steel air bed, high speed knife change, swivel backguage and slotless table.

For print shops, paper mills, and binderys this paper cutter can adapt to complex and frequently changing jobs without sacrificing the accuracy. 

The Busch Die Cutter includes 5 adjustable clamping arms and waste slitters with holders. Once the material (square-cut sheets) is inserted and the protective plexiglass door is closed, the cutting stroke is activated. This model offers a larger maximum die-cut size and much greater punching power. The die-cutter handles all types of material.

Our Fotoba® is an automated cutter, enabling high production turn-around in much less time. With the Fotoba® cut-marks generated by the RIP and the true image edge tracking (Fotoba patent pending) the cutting and trimming is done as we print.

When the job exits the printer, it is cut and trimmed on the Fotoba® and ready for delivery. This creates a more efficient workflow, resulting in higher quality, and lower cost.

Print any width and any length in virtually any thickness. Print at high speed—up to 124 sqm/hr (1,333 sqft/hr). Printer series offers a high quality-to-speed ratio and achieves superb quality in multiple modes. Upgrading your HP Scitex XL1500 printer so you can take on dye sublimation textile printing is a simple process.


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