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Marketing tips


Most companies should have their customers on file with all their information, hopefully you even have their email address for a different type of marketing. Here we will discuss phone contact to build relationships with your customers.

1. Thank You Calls

(customers who have done business with you in the past 12-18 months)
This is something rarely done and has the highest rate of return. We have found that the customer greatly appreciates this type of call. It is very non-invasive when you make the call from your “customer service department”. It is a time to talk about past jobs and get their viewpoint on the quality of the product and your service. It is also a time to introduce any new products you may have to offer and find out if they have any upcoming jobs. Many times this will lead to an estimate and order.

You may want to send a hand written note expressing your feelings and sign your first name such as: “Your business is very important to us and we thank you for being a faithful customer! Enclosed is a little something to remind you we care and that we are very thankful for You!!” You could send your branded chip clip, ink pen, note pads, etc.

If your office person or intern did this for 1 – 2 hours a day you could really build your business. Never had an intern before? Check your local schools or colleges, often times students need a certain number of hours interning to complete their credit. This is FREE labor!

2. Inactive Customer Calls

You would use the same method as above, thanking them for past order but inquire as to why you have not heard from them. Listen to what they say and respond accordingly and remember to introduce any new products you may have to offer.

For example, maybe they have never ordered envelopes or letterhead from you, now you can offer that to them.

3. Referral Stories

Example 1: "One of our print customers for several years was feeling the crunch of the economic downturn and BUSINESS WAS SLOW so they decided to purchase a 3’ x 5’ vinyl banner to be displayed behind the work counter featuring their offset printing abilities. Much to his surprise, the customers began asking, “Where did you get that beautiful banner?” THE BANNER SOLD ITSELF! Orders started pouring in for horse show s, car shows and even banners for graduation parties that featured a beautiful 4 color graphic picture of the graduate. He NOW Sells BANNERS and we helped him create a new stream of income! He didn’t want to sell banners because he didn’t have the knowledge and thought it would be too much work but WE MADE IT EASY FOR HIM TO SELL! And sell he did!"

Example 2: "I know a business who placed a 12” x 30” LIKE US ON FACEBOOK piece of Event Trac in front of their door on the cement or inside just as you walk in the building. They were shocked as to how much business that piece of marketing drove to their website and increased sales!”